Salada de Inverno de Brito, Beterraba e Laranja

Brito, Beetroot and Orange Winter Salad

Nothing better than welcoming the cold with this winter salad prepared by Joana Limão.

Serves 4 people as a side dish | preparation: approx. 10 min


150g quinoa
1 roasted or boiled beet
2 oranges
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
Sea salt, to taste
75g Brito
20g pecan nuts
Fresh dill, to taste


1. Cook the quinoa in plenty of water and drain well.
2. Cut the beetroot into very thin slices and the orange into segments.
3. Place the quinoa on a plate, season with olive oil, balsamic and sea salt, to taste. Place the beetroot slices on top, as well as the orange segments.
4. Cut pieces of cheese and place on top of the salad. Add the pecans and chopped dill. Ready to serve!

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