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  • Veden - MUKA - Queijo Vegan
  • Veden - MUKA - Queijo Vegan
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Semi-aged cheese with umami flavor and semi-dry texture, the result of a minimum 4-week fermentation and aging process.

Perfect to combine with crackers, a good sourdough bread or added to salads and pizzas.

approx. 120g

Cashew nut*, water, sea salt, miso (fermented rice*, grains of soy*, water, sea salt), vegan fermentation cultures*

*organic farming

CASHEW NUTS; may contain traces of SOYA and ALMOND

Keep refrigerated from 0 to 5ºc. Consume within 5 days of opening

Approximate shelf life of 2 weeks. You must check the product label to see its specific expiration date.