Green Change

“A vegan diet is probably the biggest step in reducing our impact on the planet” - Joseph Poore, Oxford University, Science 2018

MUKA means "green change", a change we believe is essential to meet the environmental and ethical challenges of today. Convinced that human beings, animals and nature can live in harmony, we have ally this belief to our passion for cooking and for the art of fermentation.

Our transition to a vegetarian diet was accompanied by the discovery of new and incredible flavours. We were quick to forget those old flavours and to embrance the change. However, there was an exception: cheese.

There were no nutritious, healthy and delicious vegetable alternatives to cheese on the market that resemble cheese flavour. The "vegetable cheese" were products made from oils, starches, flavours, colourings and flavour enhancers that, in addition to harming our health, do not make reference to the affective memory we have of the “cheese” flavour, gained through fermentation and time.

We believe that our health and the health of our planet must go hand in hand, so we started to make our homemade experiences that quickly conquered our friends and family. MUKA is the result of those experiences. A simple, artisanal and healthy vegetable alternative that aims to satisfy the palates of all those who wish to explore new flavours.

Tasty and healthy products

We find the best nuts, add water, salt and fermentation cultures (aka probiotics) and let them ferment and age for several weeks or months. All our cheeses are handmade, in small batches.

Inspired by traditional cheesemaking, we follow artisanal and ancient cheesemaking methods and use only organic ingredients.

Processo MUKA



We use the most sustainable packaging we have found to pack our products. The cream cheeses are kept in recyclable and reusable glass bottles and the other cheeses in an home compostable packaging, made from wood pulp from sustainable forestry. Please compost them at home or in a municipal organic waste container. If you have no way to do this, put them in the trash as they cannot be recycled. The stickers are not recyclable yet, we are working on this aspect.

We want to promote the reuse of packaging whenever possible. Therefore, we will give you a € 0.50 discount voucher on a future purchase for each bottle or delivery box that is returned to us (in good condition). You just need to deliver the respective packaging to us on our next delivery.


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